17th September 2014

The international conference “Responsible Innovation: The Southern European Way” took place on 10th September 2014 in Mytilini, capital of Lesvos island in Greece. Responsible innovation respects the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and better quality of life.

The conference was organised within the project FaRInn – Facilitating Responsible Innovation in SEE Countries, which is co-funded by the South East Europe Programme for territorial cooperation.

8 partners from 7 countries worked for 2 years together to enhance framework conditions and pave the way for a responsible innovation model in South East Europe.

The Greek Innovation and Smart Specialisation Strategy was presented by Vasileios Gongolidis, General Secretariat for Research and Technology from Greek Government. Stavrula Laspita from University of Macedonia stressed entrepreneurship as an important source of growth, employement and innovation. The key note speech was given by Norbert Buzas, Innovation Director from University of Szeged from Hungary. He discussed the role of the experience economy, especially the development of social media and mobile applications’ in a second dot-com bubble formation.

Organised by the Region of North Aegean and the FaRInn project partners, the Final Conference not only represented an important moment to discuss the finding of FaRInn project, but also to debate how to take the concept of Responsible Innovation forward at local level, across the South East Europe area and beyond. After the conference participants attended study visit to see Responsible Innovation in action. They visited Mesotopos Female Cooperative as a successful example of small innovative businesses and female entrepreneurship.

The Conference was visible on web-streaming via the FaRInn project website and through twitter updates (https://twitter.com/FARINNproject - @FARINNproject).

More photos from the conference: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bw9c0vsXb78HM09KSzBVcHY3a1k&usp=sharing