The FaRInn partnership, led by the Centre for Innovation and Economic Development – Agency of Forli’-Cesena Chamber of Commerce from Italy, consists of 8 partners from 7 SEE countries (Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina). They are: local and regional decision makers, local and regional development agencies, 1 university and 1 chamber of commerce. Each involves (through Local Steering Committees) a group of stakeholders that represent key elements of the innovation process.

Partners in the project:

  • Centre for Innovation and Economic Development, Italy
  • Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, Slovenia
  • Timis County Economic and Social Development Agency, Romania
  • University of Szeged, Hungary
  • Chamber of Samos, Greece
  • North Aegean Region, Greece
  • Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi & Prokletije, Montenegro
  • Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Centre for Innovation and Economic Development (CISE), is the agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena, Emilia Romagna region, Italy.
More than 40.000 enterprises are located in the province of Forlì-Cesena, the majority being SMEs. Agriculture and fishing account for 20%, manufacturing and building construction for 27%, trade for 22%, hotels and restaurant for 4%, transport for 7%, services and other activities for 20%.
CISE was founded by the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena in 1996 to promote local economic development, focusing on innovation as a main driver.
Present areas of activity are sustainable development and green economy technologies, corporate social responsibility and responsible innovation, open-source IT technologies, support to innovative ideas.
CISE operates through awareness-raising actions, pilot actions and one-to-one technical support to local entrepreneurs to help them being more competitive and develop their innovative ideas.

Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, SLOVENIA

Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia has 12 years of experience in local and regional development in Central Slovenia. Key fields of work are rural tourism and entrepreneurship development at three levels: local, regional and transnational. The Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia is the initiator of the sub-regional brand “Heart of Slovenia”, which is a basis for promotion of the area as future tourist destination. The Heart of Slovenia is a brand, which connects projects, initiatives, events and products in the area, geographically formed in the shape of the heart around geometric centre of Slovenia.

With different projects they successfully enter into the wider regional and European environment. In all projects and initiatives, they seek and launch innovative approaches. In this way they encourage the region to be open for new development challenges. They are also coordinator of the sub-regional Development partnership of the centre of Slovenia and manager of the Local Action Group “Heart of Slovenia” for the LEADER programme.


Timis County Economic and Social Development Agency (ADETIM) is a specialised public service, mandated to support socio-economic development of Timis County. ADETIM work is based on broad cooperation between representatives of the public administration and the socio-economic environment, on local, county, regional and international level.

ADETIM's complex role as county economic promoter has enhanced gradually, by the implementation of projects that increase awareness of the county public administration about its role and potential to promote its own development policies, correlated to local resources and potential. Between 1995-2012 ADETIM initiated, sustained and finalised more than 80 development projects – most in national premiere and using external funds (EU or other grants).

Timis County is part of the Romanian West Region and it is the most western County of Romania. Being the biggest County of Romania (for surface area), Timis County has a varied geography : the Western Plain in its central and western parts, the Hills area continued by the Mountain area in its eastern part. Timis and Bega rivers cross the County.


The University of Szeged is one of the largest universities in Hungary, and the efforts of its nearly 30,000 students, 700 PhD students, and close to 7000 employees at the 12 university faculties help make it the regional centre of knowledge in the Southern Great Plain.
Students can choose from 88 BA and BSc, 117 MA and MSc majors, 4 undivided degree courses, 59 postgraduate and complementary training courses. The University also offers 33 accredited post secondary vocational trainings and doctoral programs in 19 fields. The key to the high standard educational and research activity is the 291 researchers and the 2.239 instructors; 19 of them are full members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) and 114 are corresponding members, and 643 are Doctors of Philosophy.
Conducting research of an internationally competitive standard and preserving its research university title and nature are core missions of the University of Szeged. Research, development and innovation activity carried out within national and international research programmes involves knowledge expanding and problem solving, as well as product and service development.


Samos Chamber of Commerce was established in 1918 and it is one of the oldest Chambers of the country. Chamber has been functioning as a Legal Entity of Public Law with an Administrative Council elected by the 4500 companies-members of the Islands Samos, Ikaria & Fourni.
The mission of the Chamber is to advice and assist the Government in the fields of Commerce, Industry, Services, Tourism and general development policy. It supports the government in activities that contribute to a positive atmosphere for cooperation, mutual confidence and information provision in the enterprise world.
It represents, supports and promotes entrepreneurship in various ways: free information and consulting services to its members; organisation of events, meetings and conferences; participation in trade missions to and from foreign countries; research and surveys. The Chamber particularly encourages individual, enterprising and innovative initiatives, helping small and medium-size enterprises to meet the requirements of the competitive environment. The Chamber promotes research and technological development, supports and strengthens Greek companies’ presence in international markets, creates appropriate conditions to attract and promote new investments and is active in European and international cooperation.


In Greece, regional administrations are self-governing territorial public entities and constitute the second level of local government. Regions design, plan and implement policies at regional level, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and social cohesion of the country, taking into account national and European policies.
The region of the Northern Aegean consists of 3 provinces, the prefectures of Lesvos, Chios and Samos, with 9 inhabited islands covering a total extent of 3.836 The headquarters of the North Aegean Region are in Mytilene. The total population of the islands that compose this region, according to the census 2001, is 204.108 inhabitants.
The economy of the three Provinces of the Region of the Northern Aegean is mainly based on the primary sector and the services, with the tourist sector making important progress during recent years. The Region is marked by its particularly rich natural environment with very important ecosystems. A considerable number of areas in the islands have been integrated in the NATURA-2000 Network.


Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije (RDA BKP) was established in 2009 and covers the northern region of Montenegro, including the municipalities of Plav, Andrijevica, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Mojkovac and Kolasin. The total area covered by RDA BKP is 3.674km2, with 115.000 inhabitants.
RDA BKP's mission is to enhance the development of Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije region, and 6 municipalities within the region, through close cooperation with local stakeholders in public and private sectors, increased absorption of EU funds. RDA BKP supports creation of employment and income generating opportunities through the development of tourism and agriculture sectors, in alignment with national and local strategic development plans.
RDA’s work is firmly based on national tourism, agricultural and other economic development strategies. RDA works on networking local governments and other stakeholders in the region to work jointly towards a strategic approach to the development of the Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije region and are actively helping them access available development funds.


SERDA is a regional development agency, whose mission is to create positive surroundings for sustainable development in Sarajevo Macro Region, and advance, strengthen and promote development of Sarajevo Macro Region through mobilization of all available resources.
SERDA objective is a harmonized and dynamic economic development of Sarajevo Macro Region for the purpose of strengthening mechanisms for B&H accession to the EU.
Sarajevo Macro Region takes central-east position in B&H. It is the territory that occupy area from geographical center of the country up to River Drina on the Border with Zlatibor region (Srbija) on north-east and North Montenegro on south-east. It is mountain territory ideal for hiking, biking paragliding and skiing, rich with beautiful nature (’84 winter Olimpic mountains, a lot of rivers and lakes and last virgin forest in Europe).
One of the significant opportunities of the territory is that Capital city of the country is the biggest city in region (biggest labour market, biggest university center, administrative and culture center).
One of the biggest drawbacks/challenges is that territory contains the richest and the poorest municipalities in the country with differences in GDP per capita over 14 times.


Resolvo Srl provides technical and managerial support to the FaRInn project.
Resolvo Srl is a consultancy company based in Florence (IT) and specialised in European programme and projects, with a focus on sustainable and responsible development.