Final conference of FaRInn project on Responsible Innovation

17th September 2014

The international conference “Responsible Innovation: The Southern European Way” took place on 10th September 2014 in Mytilini, capital of Lesvos island in Greece. Responsible innovation respects the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and better quality of life.

The conference was organised within the project FaRInn – Facilitating Responsible Innovation in SEE Countries, which is co-funded by the South East Europe Programme for territorial cooperation.

8 partners from 7 countries worked for 2 years together to enhance framework conditions and pave the way for a responsible innovation model in South East Europe.

The Greek Innovation and Smart Specialisation Strategy was presented by Vasileios Gongolidis, General Secretariat for Research and Technology from Greek Government. Stavrula Laspita from University of Macedonia stressed entrepreneurship as an important source of growth, employement and innovation. The key note speech was given by Norbert Buzas, Innovation Director from University of Szeged from Hungary. He discussed the role of the experience economy, especially the development of social media and mobile applications’ in a second dot-com bubble formation.

Organised by the Region of North Aegean and the FaRInn project partners, the Final Conference not only represented an important moment to discuss the finding of FaRInn project, but also to debate how to take the concept of Responsible Innovation forward at local level, across the South East Europe area and beyond. After the conference participants attended study visit to see Responsible Innovation in action. They visited Mesotopos Female Cooperative as a successful example of small innovative businesses and female entrepreneurship.

The Conference was visible on web-streaming via the FaRInn project website and through twitter updates ( - @FARINNproject).

More photos from the conference:

Joint newsletter Thematic Pole 1: Innovation governance & Policy

19th August 2014

Farinn project is presented in Joint newsletter by Thematic Pole 1: Innovation Governance & Policy. The South East Europe Programme has created the Thematic Capitalisation Strategy to streamline the process of creating synergies between projects and capitalising on results of previous initiatives, responding in this way to a demand from the beneficiaries. The SEE Thematic Capitalisation Strategy aims to strengthen the links between projects working on similar topics (Thematic Poles), to enable projects to exploit and consolidate one another's achievements, and create a higher leverage effect.

A new publication on responsible innovation published by University of Szeged

7th August 2014

University of Szeged published a publication on responsible innovation. It was designed to convey to the general public the ideas which the representatives of the individual fields of science have identified as the points of intersection between their respective research areas and responsible innovation. Editors hopes are to bring the reader closer to understanding and accepting responsible innovation and that this concept will soon become integral to the everyday lives of the region’s players.

Online version is available here: Responsible Innovation

Save the date: FaRInn final conference in Mytilene, Greece

6th August 2014

The Final Conference of FaRInn project will take place on 10 September 2014 in the capital of the Region of Northern Aegean, Mytilene, at Lesvos Chamber of Commerce.

Participants will discuss the concept of Responsible Innovation, both at local/regional level and at European level. The special focus at local level will be the female cooperative movement in North Aegean Island (experience / best practices / future targets, etc).

There will be key note presentations and a round table of experts to discuss the results and future of the FaRInn project and of the future of the concept of Responsible innovation in those regions and beyond.

Live streaming of the Final Conference will be available on the FaRInn website.

Farinn Final Conference Agenda

FaRInn Newsletter II Available

31th July 2014

The second FaRInn newsletter presents the work that project partners have done so far. The main topic is the final confrerence of FaRInn project which will take place on Wednesday 10th September in Lesbos island in Greece. In the newsletter you can also read more about the cooperation of FaRInn with other projects and thematic networks.

The FaRInn newsletter II is available HERE

New video on responsible innovation in The Heart of Slovenia

11th June 2014

New video on responsible innovation in The Heart of Slovenia was published in July. It shows the Heart of Slovenia area as a place of opportunities. Opportunities for innovation, self-realization and quality living. A place where people, their creativity and knowledge, natural and cultural resources are the key foundations for development. A development which interconnects entrepreneurship, tourism and our environment with respect to the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and quality of life.

Watch it here:

Video is part of the European project FaRInn - Facilitating Responsible Innovation in SEE countries within the SEE - South East Europe transnational cooperation programme. The main objective of FaRInn is to enhance framework conditions and pave the way for a responsible innovation model in South East Europe, which respects the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and better quality of life.

FaRInn project at Integral Economy Conference in Slovenia

17th June 2014

On 16th June 2014 FaRInn project was presented at Integral Economy Conference by Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Integral Economics represents a holistic model that builds on the many practical and, in our globalized world, successful sustainable economic models, in terms of connecting transdisciplinarity and transculturality, and encouraging participating and building inclusive communities.

Concept of Integral Economics has been developed by the Center for Integral Development Tran4m in Geneva, Switzerland. Authors of the concept of integral economy prof. Ronnie Lessem and prof. Alexander Schieffer from Geneva were present at the conference in Ljubljana. They have stressed out that the concept of Integral Economics is in accordance with FaRInn project which strives to enhance framework conditions and pave the way for a Responsible Innovation model in South East Europe. FaRInn promotional materials were distributed among participants at the conference.

@FARINNproject on Twitter

11th June 2014

You can follow FaRInn project on Twitter:

We will inform you about incoming events and pilot actions implementations in partner's regions.

FaRInn on SEE-MED Joint Communication Training

6th June 2014

Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia as a representative of FaRInn project participated at the Joint Communication Training co-organised by the South East Europe and Mediterranean transnational programmes which took place at 2nd and 3rd June 2014 in Bled (Slovenia). Almost 100 representatives from more than 60 projects participated at the event.

During the two days of training, the communication managers of SEE and MED projects learnt how to fine tune their Communication Strategies; how to best use Social Media for the project purposes; how to best organise their Final Events; how to use Story-telling to best disseminate their project results; and how to best advocate the project at EU level. Apart from the workshop and learning sessions, there was a valuable exchange of knowledge and practices between SEE and MED projects thanks to the different networking possibilities.

This training aimed at supporting project communication managers in the last communication activities to be carried out by their projects in order to best disseminate the results produced, increasing their impact and reaching an appropriate target audience. For the first time, the two transnational programmes succefully organised together this training for communication managers.

New book "Responsible Innovation: From Concept to Practice" released

30th April 2014

One of the speakers at the FarRInn mid-term conference Xavier Pavie is one of the co-authors of new publication "Responsible Innovation: From Concept to Practice" published by World Scientific. The book aims to highlight the multifaceted issues linked to responsible innovation for innovators as well as citizens. Its approach is both conceptual and operational: the major challenges for innovation and responsibility in the 21st century are presented while the process required for organisations to innovate responsibly is illustrated step by step.

The research presented in the book was partly derived from actions undertaken as part of the KARIM (Knowledge Acceleration Responsible Innovation Meta-network) project. Part of the INTERREG IVB North-West Europe strategic initiatives program, KARIM brings together eight partners from six states of North-West Europe. It aims to improve SME access to technology and innovation support services, thereby boosting the NWE region's competitiveness.

READ MORE: Responsible Innovation: From Concept to Practice (PDF)

Responsible solutions in transport

22nd April 2014

Development centre of the Heart of Slovenia was the co-organiser of an event on the 15th anniversary of the bus connection between 2 municipalities - Litija and Šmartno pri Litiji. In cooperation with the national company for public railway transport - Slovenian Railways, we have inaugurated the new bus, which connects the two municipalities. The new bus meets the requirements of environmentally friendly vehicle with low carbon emissions, more rational maintenance and fuel costs and is a pilot example of an integrated public transport in Slovenia. This is because it is linked exclusively to the train schedules and has contactless chip ticket integrated. It is showing the best and most responsible way on how to organize the whole public transport in Slovenia. Therefore it shows a perfect example of responsible innovation that is tackled within FaRInn project.

In fifteen years the bus has made 670,000 kilometers and carried 700,000 passengers. Their number is growing from year to year. 22 round trips per day are carried out in a total length of 190 kilometers. This means 5,280 trips or 45,624 kilometers on the yearly level. Among the first passengers of the new bus were children from the local elementary school.

The label installed on the new vehicle for this opportunity communicates the following message:
Let’s intertwine our daily paths with the care of our valuable environment in its broadest sense - both to the nature as well as to ourselves.

FaRInn on Conference for the Transnational Programmes in Montenegro

16th April 2014

FaRInn partner Regional development agency of Bjelasica, Komovi, Prokletije from Kolašin (Montenegro) participated at the Conference for the Transnational Programmes SEE and MED, that was held in Budva, Montenegro, on 14th April 2014. The conference was organized by the Montenegro Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integrations.

Three panel sessions were organized during conference: IPA countries in transnational programmes SEE and MED 2007-2013, Presenting the activities and results of SEE and MED projects with IPA partners and IPA countries in future transnational programmes 2014-2012 (Danube, Mediterranean, Adriatic-Ionian).

The conference was good opportunity to learn more, not only about Montenegro but also about the experiences from the representatives from neighbor countries (Bosnia, Albania, Serbia). FaRInn project was promoted at the conference with newsletters, brochures, notebooks and pencils distributed.

4th FaRInn Steering Committee in Kolašin, Montenegro

9th April 2014

4th project meeting of FaRInn project took place on 8th and 9th April 2014 in Kolašin, Montenegro. Partners discussed the organization of final conference of FaRInn meeting which will take place in Mytilene, Greece. Partners proposed several activities in order to guarantee involvement of stakeholders during the conference. They suggest organising a participative event, by involving people in the discussion and in the round table. North Aegean Region suggests Hellenic seminar to be organised together with the final conference with main focus on research and business, while the first part of the final conference could be focused on policy.

Comparative analysis on local analyses and operational plans was carried out by University of Szeged (WP3 coordinator). Partners agreed that the most significant disadvantages are the lack of knowledge about Responsible Innovation and its elements, also the lack of resources to the implementation. Although, some actors are applying various aspects of responsible innovation they are not aware of it or still don’t consider the other important aspects (e.g. moral responsibility). The actors are not promoting RI in the wider community but thanks to the project dissemination of the RI concept started successfully. Based on the analyses the most relevant sectors for the project partners to implement RI are agriculture and tourism, thus the proposed RI models will concentrate mainly to these areas.

FaRInn at Thematic Pole I meeting in Vienna

31th March 2014

The South East Europe Programme has created the Thematic Capitalisation Strategy to streamline the process of creating synergies between projects and capitalising on results of previous initiatives, responding in this way to a demand from the beneficiaries. The SEE Thematic Capitalisation Strategy aims to strengthen the links between projects working on similar topics (Thematic Poles), to enable projects to exploit and consolidate one another's achievements, and create a higher leverage effect. This will enhance the visibility and impact of both projects and Programme. A reinforced and more structured approach to valorise the SEE knowledge base will allow, moreover, to derive invaluable inputs and recommendations in view of the upcoming programming period.

The lead partner of the EVAL-INNO project, the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI), which is also the Pole leader of the Thematic Pole 1 Innovation Governance & Policy organised the thematic pole meeting on Wednesday, the 26th of March 2014. All participated partners from other SEE projects presented their projects and their achievements and they discussed some urgent issues and in general the future of those projects.

FARINN and five more SEE Projects were participated:

  • EVAL-INNO : Fostering Evaluation Competences in Research, Technology and Innovation in the SEE region,
  • FORSEE : Regional ICT Foresight exercise for SEE countries,
  • FINNO : Mechanism for fostering Innovation in SEE,
  • ClusterPoliSEE : Smarter Cluster Policies for SEE,
  • CAPINFOOD : Improving the enabling Environment and Public Awareness for Innovation of the food sector in SEE through transnational collaboration,

Mr Stephen Halligan from SEE/JTS was also present in the meeting and he discussed many relevant issues with all the participants.

The main outcomes of all presentations were that projects were too general with few concrete outputs, it could have been a better interaction in between projects, the involvement of private sector is limited and there is a need for common publications.

All partners agreed to participate in common activities despite the fact that most of those projects are finishing about now or have already terminated there project life.

Seminar on Responsible Innovation for the Students of the University of the Aegean

17th March 2014

At the University of the Aegean in Mytilene in Greece a seminar on Responsible Innovation for the Students of the University of the Aegean was held under the project Farinn on 13th March 2014.

Presentations were made both by the NAR (Project Partner) and by professors of the University of the Aegean, but what stood out at the event was the presence of North Aegean’s entrepreneurs who in the presentations emphasized the role played by innovation in their business growth.

An important point to note was the event of the Scientific Responsible of the project FaRInn Prof. Bakouros, who stressed that the North Aegean Region is the first region in the country which deals with the issue of innovative and responsible innovation.

Suggestions attended a number of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University of the Aegean, the interest of which led to a fruitful and lively discussion between speakers and students, creating the optimistic feeling that challenges as responsible innovative entrepreneurship can be viewed successfully in the future of young people in our region.

FaRInn presented on conference of responsible innovation in Szeged, Hungary

10th March 2014

The main goal of the Responsible Innovation: From theory to practice Conference by the University of Szeged, Hungary was to present the diverse views on the conceptual background of Responsible Innovation, also to give an insight to the practical applicability of the concept. The conference took place at 6th March 2014. The internationally known experts of the topic involving Dr. Xavier Pavie and Dr. Massimo Chiocca sketched a comprehensive and complex picture about RI to the diverse audience of university students, policy makers, entrepreneurs and academics. After the Conference the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion with the presenters about their concerns.

Conference of responsible innovation in Szeged, Hungary

24th February 2014

The Conference on Responsible Innovation will be held by the University of Szeged on 6th of March in Szeged, Hungary. The goal of the conference is to introduce the topic of RI to the local area highlighting its possible beneficial applications to the local region. The day will be based on the summary of the theoretical background of RI introducing its definition, aspect and key framework conditions. Furthermore, the advantages and disadvantages of its practical application will be discussed interactively involving the participants based on the data gained by the Local Analysis of Csongrád County. Xavier Pavie, the RI expert of the KARIM project will provide an insight in the criteria system to measure the RI performance. Based on this presentation, the most important questions will revolve around the measurement and implementation of RI principles in the operation of a research facility with a view on the local research facility of the ELI – Extreme Light Infrastructure – project.

The First FaRInn Newsletter Available

6th August 2013

The first FaRInn newsletter presents the project’s objectives and work that project partners have done so far. It covers the mid-term conference “A Conversation on Responsible Innovation in Europe”, which was organised within the framework of the S-Legàmi event on Responsible Innovation held in Forlì (Italy), the event of the COGITA project in Brussels (Belgium), workshop on companies’ social responsibility held in Zagorje (Slovenia) and the SEE An­nual Event in Bucharest (Romania). You can also read more about the cooperation between the projects FaRInn and KARIM, both dealing with the same theme.

The FaRInn newsletter I is available HERE

3rd FaRInn Steering Committee in Kamnik, Slovenia

18th October 2013

3rd project meeting of FaRInn project took place on 17th and 18th October 2014 in Kamnik, Slovenia. The objective of the meeting was to check out where partners stand with reference to the different work packages.

Concerning cooperation with other projects and regions, several activities can be performed, for instance: participation in events, publication of articles in dissemination products, joint organisation of event, etc. The key objective to be achieved is to disseminate the concept of Responsible Innovation. 4 projects have been identified: KARIM, BUILD SEE, EVAL-INNO and FINNO.

WP3 coordinator University of Szeged collected the Local Analysis from partners that helped to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the local contexts. WP4 coordinator presents the actions foreseen in the work package and the template for the Action Plan. Each partner will test lessons learned during the project and some actions at local level and each partner will develop an action plan for activities to be implemented after project closure.

Good Slovenian practice from the field of responsible innovation was presented at the occasion of Steering Committee: Simbioz@, e-literate Slovenia by Žiga Vavpotič from the Ypsilon Institute. The project brought together more than 2500 young volunteers who introduced 5700 elders to the basic computer skills. The main objectives were promotion of lifelong learning, awareness raising on the theme of solidarity and contribution to intergenerational dialogue. The model presented is applicable in and adaptable to other contexts, and it can be expanded to other topics of interest.

Farinn project at the see annual event in Bucharest

21st May 2013

On 19 June 2013, FaRInn participated at the SEE annual event “SEE Achievements in view of the new programmes in the area”, held in Bucharest (Romania). FaRInn had its own stand inside the project exhibition fair where promotional materials of the project were distributed.

With around 450 participants, the event included a conference discussing the future programming period and the achievements of the SEE programme. Projects were invited to participate in thematic capitalisation sessions and in a project fair. Information on the event will soon be available on the SEE website:

South East Europe You Tube channel (videos, presentations, conclusions)

European Commission Recognises FaRInn as Unique Project in Europe

21st May 2013

Within the framework of event S-Legàmi, the FaRInn mid-term conference “A Conversation on Responsible Innovation in Europe” was organised in Forlì, Italy. Europe’s most recognised experts from the field of responsible innovation proposed a possible framework, addressed some of the main barriers and emphasised the importance of collaboration and participation in process of responsible innovation.

René von Schomberg from the European Commission stressed that responsible innovation is not just a path for economic growth, but for high-quality economic growth. Growth cannot be considered progress if innovation is structured around difficult, underpaid and risky working environments. He congratulated the uniqueness of the FaRInn project, which is one of the first in Europe to attempt to develop a coherent framework for responsible innovation.

Xavier Pavie from University of Paris Ouest stressed the complexity of the innovation process and, even more so, of the responsible innovation process. Richard Owen from the University of Exeter suggested a framework for responsible innovation, which responds to the questions: what kind of future do we want innovation to bring about? What values should it represent? And how do we proceed under conditions of ignorance and uncertainty that are inherent to the innovation process? Hilary Sutcliffe from the think-tank Matter considered the question of participation and emphasised how important it is to consider the different needs of various stakeholders (from investors, to NGOs, to retailers, among others).

The meeting of the FaRInn project partners took place in Forlì on this occasion. Hosted by CISE, the Centre for Innovation and Economic Development – Agency of Forlì, from 15 – 18 May, it brought together partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Romania and Slovenia.

Mid Term Event Report >>

René von Schomberg: Prospects for Technology Assessment in a framework of responsible research and innovation >>

Hilary Sutcliffe Blog >>

Responsible Innovation event in Italy

7th May 2013

Within the framework of the city-wide event S-Legàmi, the FaRInn mid-term conference "A Conversation on Responsible Innovation in Europe" will be organised on May 17 in Forlì, Italy. There will be a round table of distinguished speakers debating the theme of responsible innovation (e.g. considering specific elements of responsible innovation, framework conditions and public policy initiatives).

The following speakers will attend: Richard Owen – Director of the Postgraduate Research Business School at the University of Exeter, Xavie Pavie – Director of the Institute for Strategy Innovation and Service, and Business School Research Associate at the Philosophical Research Institute and University of Paris Ouest, Hilary Sutcliffe – Director of think-tank Matter, and Rene von Schomber from the European Commission DG Research and Innovation. The meeting will be moderated by Simone Amaldi, Researcher from the Centre for Environmental Law Decisions and Corporate Ethical Certification at the University of Padua.

The event will take place on May 17, 2013, from 14:30 to 16:30, at the Council Hall of the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena.

FaRInn project presented on Cogita event in Brussels

11th March 2013

An event was organised in Brussels on 6th March 2013 within the context of the INTERREG IVC project COGITA - Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility through Public Policy, whose overall objective is to improve public policies supporting the uptake of an integrated concept of CSR—combining social and environmental aspects—in SMEs.

COGITA invited 4 likeminded projects to participate in a 1 day exchange and networking event: DESUR – Developing Sustainable Regions through Responsible SMEs, FaRInn – Facilitating Responsible Innovation in SEE countries, CCIC - Complex Challenges, Innovative Cities, Innomot - Improving Regional Policies promoting and motivating non-technological Innovation in SMEs. FaRInn project was presented by Miklos Lukovics from University of Szeged.

The Joint Event aimed to exchange ideas and knowledge among projects working on similar themes in order to identify synergies and areas for cooperation, build capacity among CSR operators in participative methods of exchange and engagement and lay the foundations for a EU network of responsible local authorities working on CSR.

The aim of the day was to bring people together and help them learn from each other in a new way. The techniques moved away from standard workshop formats, with the classic pattern of an active speaker and a passive audience. Instead they stimulate creativity, exchange of ideas and networking and encourage all participants to take up an active role.

FaRInn Brochure

12th February 2013

A new brochure of the FaRInn project was published, aiming to present the project, in which 16 countries from South East Europe cooperate. The project strives to enhance framework conditions and pave the way for a responsible innovation model in South East Europe and at the same time respects the principles of sustainability, social responsibility as well as better quality of life.

The brochure also defines the project’s main objectives, some of them being to promote exchange among regions in the SEE programme area on the experiences, constraints and good practices related to responsible innovation, to define and reach a joint understanding of the necessary framework conditions for responsible innovation, to analyse and compare the current status, threats and opportunities in partner countries in terms of framework conditions for responsible innovation.

In the brochure you can also find a presentation of the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme, which promotes essential transnational cooperation between 16 very different countries in important development related fields, such as innovation and entrepreneurship, environmental protection, accessibility and sustainable growth.

You can download the brochure here >>.

FaRInn presented on workshop on companies’ social responsibility in Slovenia

20th December 2012

A two-day conference on companies’ social responsibility within the DESUR project was held in Zagorje on 18th and 19th December 2012. The participants from Greece, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Spain and Slovenia discussed the challenges of region sustainable development and possibilities of surviving in an ever more demanding economic competitiveness. They believe that public authorities should help small and medium-sized companies in order for them to be able to justify their operation in the necessary balance between the natural, social and economic environment.

Guests from Bologna presented a comparative study of the European region promoting social responsibility in small and medium-sized companies, which was created within the framework of the project. The FaRInn project was presented by Mojca Štepic from Development Centre Litija. FaRInn is aiming to create a model of responsible innovation promotion which must include the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and better quality of life.

On the first day guests were invited on a field trip to nature-friendly farms. They visited the Sešlar Tourism Farm and Cheese Diary in Podlipovica, which was the first in Slovenia to receive the demanding Demeter certificate for its biodynamic cheese. They also got acquainted with the products of Cvetko Čeč’s Herb Garden above Hrastnik.

Kick off of FaRinn project in Sarajevo

21th November 2012, Sarajevo

The Kick-off meeting and Launch Conference of the FaRInn project took place from 19th – 21th November 2012 in Sarajevo, hosted by SERDA d.o.o., Sarajevska regionalna razvojna agencija.

With media coverage from local television and press agencies, 8 partners from Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina have launched the “FaRInn project - Facilitating Responsible Innovation in SEE countries”. The 2 year project (October 2012 – September 2014) was approved within the South East Europe transnational cooperation programme, which improves integration and competitiveness in an area which is as complex as it is diverse.

Intensive cooperation will allow partners to enhance framework conditions and pave the way for a responsible innovation model in South East Europe, which respects the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and better quality of life.